Notwithstanding the implementation of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of physical data with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, with a date formal application deadline set for 25 May 2018, EMPIRYS SARL SA and its affiliates attach the utmost importance to respect for privacy, rules, national laws and European directives. Nevertheless, in this sometimes-nebulous context of laws and obligations, it seemed important for EMPIRYS SARL to reiterate its commitment. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is therefore to describe the method of operation and the values of EMPIRYS SARL regarding the confidentiality of the data collected and an appropriate code of conduct. Whether you are just visitors, our employees, our suppliers, our customers or our partners, EMPIRYS SARL . invites you to come back regularly to consult this privacy policy available on its website or at your disposal on request. If you feel that EMPIRYS SARL is not respecting the rules, do not hesitate to contact us using the "contact" form of our site.
Why do we collect personal data ?
EMPIRYS SARL collects personal data in order to provide the best of its services to all physical and / or legal persons who may use their professional skills.
Type of collects and use of information:
Without pretend to be exhaustive, below is a list of the most frequent cases of collection of personal data: Personal information may be requested during a telephone discussion or interview with one of our associates about a business issue, downloading a software update, registering for an event, your participation in an inquiry, the purchase of a product or service, a request for repair, etc. During these same exchanges, EMPIRYS SARL can also ask you for more personal data but nevertheless related to the situation such as: Your name, your mailing addresses, business addresses, deliveries, billing, phone numbers, one or more email addresses, contact preferences, bank details etc. Information about products purchased from EMPIRYS SARL such as a date, a reference, a warranty period, a serial number, a payment date, a proof of payment, the type of service level agreement chosen etc. EMPIRYS SARL can also gather information for statistical purposes in order to always be able to refine its commercial offer and remain competitive in a highly competitive environment. In any case, and whatever the type of information collected, EMPIRYS SARL and its subsidiaries undertake to protect by all technical and organizational measures the confidentiality of the data collected, never to disseminate it or to make public or sell / rent without your consent unless the need for the proper performance of the order or contract. Restricted communication of collected information: EMPIRYS SARL SA, always aiming to deliver the best of services in the safest and most optimized way, may have to share some of the information collected with its own service providers, suppliers, legal advisors or strategic partners. These same partners can help EMPIRYS SARL to process information, execute orders, deliver products, and provide a support service, market products, grant credits, conduct satisfaction surveys. EMPIRYS SARL is responsible for its partners, under and co-contractors. For more details, do not hesitate to refer to the terms and conditions of EMPIRYS SARL . As a Luxembourg-based IT service provider, EMPIRYS SARL is subject to the constraints and controls of the CSSF: Financial Sector Supervisory Commission. As a result, the constraints related to the implementation of the GDPR are not new for the company. In case of doubt about the activities or the lawful purposes of one of his clients / employees / partners / suppliers, EMPIRYS SARL SA has the obligation to send a file to the CSSF which will decide the opportunity to diligent , or not, an investigation. As such, EMPIRYS SARL SA would disclose any information at its entire discretion, if the company believed to be constrained by law or regulation, or if it believed that such disclosure would serve to protect the Company's entire services and reputation.
Public character of publicly displayed information:
EMPIRYS SARL highlights your attention to the public nature of publicly posted information via chats, forums, online chat services, etc. In this case, EMPIRYS SARL could not be held responsible.
Transparency and freedom of choice:
The concept of confidentiality or personal data varies from one person to another. EMPIRYS SARL wishes to be transparent about how it collects and uses this data. Therefore, and on condition that the exercise of these freedoms does not interfere with the proper performance of a contract, or not violate the law, you still have the possibility: To request access to your data, To consult and modify them, To delete the information or to limit the limits. For more details, do not hesitate to refer to our general conditions of sale.
This privacy policy is available upon request from the Company. The privacy policy may be subject to change or modification, depending in particular on the legal texts. In this case, EMPIRYS SARL will issue a warning highlighting the changes to be made. Previous versions will be archived and made available to users upon request from them by mail, mail or request via the contact tab through the Company's website..